Liz LeFort

She was a beautiful cheerleader and smart: She graduated 10th in her class.

Liz Lefort wasn't a troublemaker. Her teachers loved her. It seemed all the boys had a crush on her at one time or another.

After graduating from Whitman-Hanson Regional High School in 2005, she was awarded a scholarship to Johnson & Wales University. She made the dean's list her freshman year.

It may be cliche, but true nonetheless. Raised in an upper-middle-class family, Liz was the proverbial "all-American girl - a good kid."

But even she became an opiate addict.

For Liz, it began in high school, experimenting with the opiate pain reliever OxyContin. Once the opiates took hold, heroin lured her in. She was 23 when she overdosed in 2011.

Though Liz is gone, her older sister, Amy, and her mother, Harwich High School teacher Janis McGrory, have become activists. They tell Liz's story at schools and rallies.