Josiah Tinney

Josiah Tinney had a full-time job as a skilled carpenter. He had his own apartment. Many people, including his sister, Rachel, 38, did not know about his drug use until close to the end.

On Dec. 6, 2014, Josiah, of Eastham, died of a heroin overdose at the age of 26.

Rachel and her mother, Janet Uhlar, also of Eastham, and friends and relatives mourned for a few months. And then they began to take action.

In March, Rachel and Josiah's close friend Shelley Kielb started the nonprofit group, the Open Doorway of Cape Cod, which aims to educate the public and end the shame surrounding addiction by telling personal stories, their own and anyone else's who wants to participate.

On the Facebook page of their new group, Rachel posted several photos of her brother, young and smiling. And then a final one: Josiah in his coffin.

"I apologize in advance," she wrote, "but my mother and I feel this is necessary. The cold, hard truth."

Josiah was agonized by his addiction, Rachel said. He distanced himself from his close friends. He wrote repeatedly in his journal that he wanted to get his life back, Rachel said.